How To Write A Research Paper On Human Trafficking In India

Human trafficking is a scary occurrence and travelers, worldwide, must ensure their safety when venturing off the common trails. As a stranger to a country or town, it is all to easy to get lost, misplaced and simply snatched up by an observant opportunist. Sadly, this happens to many people every year, however, it is not the only form of human trafficking that takes place and may be far less common too.

When conducting research, there are several guidelines that must be followed and these can vary slightly, depending on your style. Writing a research paper on human trafficking in India can be tackled by making use of established methods, employed world wide. The following short points will provide you with an excellent framework to work with:

  1. Develop a specific topic to clearly identify your study
  2. There are many ways to tackle this issue and some of them may be more relevant in certain areas, or instances of human trafficking. Identify a specific case of interest to you, it may be an isolated case or one of many like it, develop a topic around this case.

  3. Formulate a practical hypothesis
  4. The hypothesis will guide the direction of your study and you must ensure that you are capable of testing any hypothesis you develop. This can be done by observing certain features of your case study and attempting to formulate practical assumptions about the situation. You hypothesis must be bold, clearly stating a prediction about your selected topic.

  5. Develop a plan of action to test your hypothesis
  6. This is the most crucial stage in any project and must be done carefully. Throughout your entire exercise, you want to ensure adherence to internationally accepted rules governing research and experimentation.

  7. Make use of illustrations
  8. These can come in many forms and can be very helpful in communicating complex information to readers. Make use of any graphical imagery you can to help present your information more clearly.

  9. Analyze your data effectively
  10. Data analysis is a very important stage in research and is better done with the assistance of a qualified person. When conducting an analysis by yourself, there is a possibility that your personal experience and opinions can taint the data, having someone double check your work can eliminate these errors.

  11. Formulate an objective conclusion
  12. After your analysis, you should be ready to decide upon a final opinion about the matter. Keep your final statement short and impacting, while remaining fully supported by your data.

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