Term Paper Topics In Psychology: 20 Great Ideas To Consider

Despite all our knowledge and wonderful technology, the human mind remains a mystery to us. This is part of the reason psychology is such a fascinating subject to study. In addition to being fascinating, it is also a very broad field, which makes it the perfect subject for a term paper. Have a look at these twenty great ideas for psychology term paper topics.

  1. The early history of psychology
  2. Describe the early history of psychology as a field of study.

  3. Psychoanalysis
  4. Explain the main tenets of psychoanalysis, and discuss how it influenced psychology.

  5. Fields of study that have influenced psychology
  6. Name and describe the major fields of study that have influenced psychology.

  7. Behavioural psychology
  8. Describe the beliefs behind behavioural psychology, and explain the ways in which it affected psychology.

  9. The first wave
  10. Explain what the first wave was, and describe its main influence on psychology.

  11. Evolutionary psychology
  12. Define evolutionary psychology, and discuss how it influenced our understanding of human behaviour.

  13. Research psychology as a profession
  14. Describe the work that a research psychologist does.

  15. Cognitive psychology
  16. Discuss the theory of cognitive psychology, and explain how it influenced education systems around the world.

  17. The scope of practice in psychology
  18. Explain what scope of practice means in the field of psychology.

  19. Ecosystemic psychology
  20. Define ecosystemic psychology, and describe how it differs from individualistic theories of psychology.

  21. Clinical psychology as a profession
  22. Explain what sort of work a clinical psychologist does.

  23. Person-centred psychology
  24. Discuss person-centred psychology, and describe how it influenced the main focus of psychology.

  25. The influence of industrial psychology on businesses
  26. Describe the influence that industrial psychology has had on businesses and how they handle their work force.

  27. Educational psychology
  28. Describe educational psychology, and discuss how it has affected the treatment of children with learning difficulties.

  29. The second wave
  30. Explain what the second wave was, and describe how it broadened the scope of psychology.

  31. Existential psychology
  32. Define existential psychology, and explain how it fitted into the third wave of psychology.

  33. Psychometric testing
  34. Discuss what psychometric testing is, and clarify how it is used in education systems.

  35. Psychopathology
  36. Describe the field of psychopathology, and explain its relevance to modern medicine.

  37. The third wave
  38. Explain what the third wave was, and describe how it developed in reaction to the first and second waves in psychology.

  39. African psychology
  40. Define African psychology, and describe how it differs from so-called Western psychology.

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