Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Research Paper On Herbal Medicine

The best advice is to treat your research paper on herbal medicine in the same way that you would any other paper. Follow these guidelines to help you produce a great paper.

You need to follow the instructions that you were given by your professor. (remember that different schools and universities may have slightly different instructions).

At all times remember that you need to justify what you are saying with evidence that will stand up to academic scrutiny, rather than refer to hearsay.

Need scientific evidence

Herbal medicine like any other form of medicine or therapy needs to be supported by scientific evidence. In many cases of the use of herbal medicine there may not be scientific evidence that supports this use however users or herbal medicine claim its benefits and aid to recovery.

A lot of your evidence may come from a target paper that you have chosen to base your work on or from papers that you have come across during your literature search. Look for evidence in psychological, behavioral, history and social science as well as in medicine and complimentary (additional) therapies.

Balance your evidence

Your Literature Review needs to show a balanced view on the use of herbal medicines. Make sure that your evidence gives both sides of the argument. Some people do not regard Herbal Medicine as important so you need to convince them of the benefits and the downside of using it.

Make sure that your Literature review follows a logical progression of ideas. Ideally you also need to include several case studies that both support and discredit your hypothesis. At this point you will find that you will be able to modify the terminology of your hypothesis by using language that more accurately defines your objective.

Making projections

After you have written your Literature Review and Methodology, you should be ready to start on your discussion and logically draw all of the points that you have made into concise recommendations, as well as including some projections for future work in the area of Herbal Medicine and how it compares to other complimentary therapies.

It is very important that you stay very realistic when reporting your projections; ideally you need to support them with scientific/academic evidence that is easily obtainable for the reader to access themselves. Make sure that you read through and edit your work before you submit it to the academic panel.

Good Luck

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