Best Ways To End A Research Paper – Hints From A Professional

A conclusion is a very important part of a research paper. If you summarize your points correctly and compose really good final sentences, it’ll make a great impression on the reader. Unfortunately, many students don’t understand the importance of this section and put the little effort into composing it. If you want to create decent conclusions, you should consider using the tricks listed below.

  1. Synthesize your main points.
  2. In the conclusion, a student is usually told to restate their thesis and main arguments. However, you shouldn’t just repeat the points that you’ve already described, but rather explain how they all tie together. This way, your research paper will look like a complete thought and not like a collection of vaguely connected ideas.

  3. Circle up your paper.
  4. Another trick that makes your paper look solid and completed is to link the conclusion to the introduction. This is very easy. For example, you may ask a particular question related to your topic in the introduction and give a direct answer to it in the conclusion. Another way to do this is to tell the first part of some story in the introduction and finish it in the conclusion.

  5. Be logical.
  6. If your research didn’t provide you with a direct answer to the question stated in your thesis, you should use your conclusion to form a logical opinion on the matter supported by the factual evidence presented in the body paragraphs.

  7. End with a question.
  8. Research papers about social issues, for example, might end with questions that the readers should answer by themselves. Obviously, the arguments presented in your work should give a hint on the right answer. This trick stimulates the reader to think for some time about what they’ve just read.

  9. List the directions.
  10. Many science research papers require students to propose a few ways that the readers can continue their work in. Don’t forget about this is and come up with several really good ideas that might inspire somebody on the action.

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