Writing A Nursing Philosophy Term Paper: Specifics That Should Be Mentioned

Philosophy is the study of knowing that reality, information, and simple existence drive humans. It is hard to define, but it guides a person’s day-to-day actions. For example, the philosophy that kindness will get better results than anger could guide a teacher’s behavior in the classroom.

Nursing, and there are many different kinds of nurses, is guided by certain philosophies. If you have to write a nursing philosophy term paper, there are some very important specifics that should be mentioned.

Specifics that should be Mentioned

  • Care -the ultimate job of a nurse is to care for people with the intention of helping the process of healing, diagnosing, or comforting. The care factor has to be a specific mentioned in this term paper.
  • Compassion -the rule of nurse is that no matter how difficult the job, the health care worker must work with a deep amount of compassion guiding him or her. You must include this specific.
  • Pain -no, pain isn’t a driving philosophy, but the fact is that part of the important job may cause pain in the long run. A child will need vaccinations, and the nurse must give the shots. These shots will hurt. Pain is a part of the job and can’t be ignored. So, the self-awareness that there will be pain, hurt, disease, and tears in the job description is an important specific to include in the composition.
  • Integrity -a nurse must always act with the upmost integrity as he or she does the job. The job is too important to be compromised by a lack of integrity when it comes to care, sympathy, medications, and compassionate behavior.
  • Life and death -a nurse will experience life as well as death. The job simply has the greatest joy in life and the most low in life. A nurse must have the philosophy that he or she impacts quality of life and death in the profession. This specific can't be ignored, and must be mentioned in the term paper.
  • Exactness -there is no room for estimates and approximate actions in this health care job. The medicine, duties, and notations must be precise and exact every single time without fail. This ideas hould be mentioned in the term paper.

As you compose this paper, make sure to include the following ideas. You must have care, compassion, pain, integrity, life and death, and exactness and precision in this piece.

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