Where To Get A Proofread Research Paper Presentation Sample: Helpful Advice

So you have conducted your research extensively, written the paper about it and now it is time to present your work at a conference or symposium full of peers, professors, and colleagues. If this is your first time making a presentation or you just don’t know how to format properly one, there are a few places you can look and a few people you can ask for samples that have been proofread and even presented. Below are a few ideas:

  • Ask your professor
  • Since you conducted research with this professor and they likely conducted it when they were younger, it is likely they will have some sort of sample you can look at. If they don’t have a sample, they can provide you with the appropriate format for how to arrange the presentation. After you follow the format, get your professor to look through it to make sure that nothing is out of place, miswritten or misrepresented.

  • Ask friends
  • You may have friends who have experience making research presentations. You may seek their advice on how to go about constructing yours. Even better would be asking them for theirs so that you can use that sample and correctly make yours.

  • Seek the help of the librarian
  • The school likely has an archive of old presentations from past conferences and symposiums. Seek the librarian’s help in discovering where these can be found. They will gladly direct you to the right place so that you can go ahead and work on your presentation and successfully have it reflect the hard work you put in the laboratory gathering information.

  • Internet sources
  • The Internet can be your last place to look for samples. Although some may believe it to be the easiest and, therefore, should be the first source to use. Make no mistake; the Internet is a good source for it provides video tutorials as well as previous works from many different schools. However, you likely do not have the time or patience to shift through all of that information it provides while trying to pick out the right sample that suits your needs.

Showing your work in front of peers and discussing how it will contribute to society and your field of study, in general, is never an easy task. To guarantee that your presentation properly represents what your research was about, be sure to seek the people and places above for proofread samples.

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