How To End A Research Paper: Great Techniques For Beginners

Have you ever listened to a song? Of course yes. How do you tell that one has completed singing? Probably by listening to the last chord. This is true with the research papers. The ending part signifies that you have come to a conclusion. An effective finish should provide a summary of the entire content in the main body of the text. It also shows your judgment based on your points as presented for both sides. Beginners can efficaciously craft a conclusion with regards to the following guidelines.

  • Restate the topic
  • Capture the topic in your last part of the text and present its importance. This should be brief and precise. Nevertheless, this will depend on how well you dug into the topic. Normally, this is stated in a single or two sentences.

  • Rephrase your thesis
  • Other than the topic, you should also restate the central idea of your text. Employ the use of enchanting vocabularies in order to keep the reader in the track. Thesis is normally presented in the introduction part and therefore, these two should almost similar.

  • Summarize your main arguments
  • Basically, a competent writer ought to prompt their readers what they had initially talked about. The best way to accomplish this is to re-read the first sentence of each argument. After you have apprehended the idea, present it in a brief way as possible. However, avoid ingeminating the backup evidences used in your arguments and adding new data as this can distort everything.

  • Point out the significance of your arguments
  • If initially, you had not done this, concisely outline the important of your key points. However, if you had done it, you do not need to go into them. Take not that this is only essential in some but not all research papers.

  • Make a call to action when necessary
  • If you are sure that more exploration has to be done and the topic to be further dug into, mention it in this part so that readers can take an appropriate action.

  • Close with logic
  • If you presented your arguments for both sides of the question, you need to present your stand basing on your evidence and examples.

  • Pose a question and provide recommendations
  • This is an alternative way of concluding your work. You can ask the readers to state their conclusions instead. After you have done all the above, you should finish by providing appropriate recommendations on what has to be ameliorated.

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