25 Innovative Research Paper Topics On Good Government

When you are asked to choose an innovative topic for your research paper on good government, it is important you understand that there are several elements that make up a government and concentrating on a particular one makes it easier for you to come up with topics. Depending on your interests and level of knowledge, you can choose to write on the environment, education, security and lots of other aspects that show how good the government is. Whether you are in the sciences or humanities, you are sure to have one or more areas of good governance you want to analyze.

Contained in this article are twenty five innovative research paper topics on good governance. Whichever topic you choose among all these, make sure that you can gather enough information to write a compelling paper. The topics are as follows:

    Social Programs

  • The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 – Its effect on the citizens
  • Hurricane Katrina – Was The Government’s response quick and sufficient?
  • Child abuse law – Should it be stricter?
  • Sex trafficking – Is enough being done to keep it in check?
  • Adoption – A comparison of state laws
  • Human Trafficking – The need for stricter laws

  • The Environment

  • Poor air quality in underdeveloped regions – What can be done?
  • Promotion of environmental justice – What are the obstacles to be overcome?
  • Achieving improved water quality – Should the more developed regions do more?
  • Development of environmental laws – The way forward
  • Enforcement of environmental laws – Should stricter measures be taken?
  • Environmental Assessments – What is being left out?

  • Corrections

  • Death row procedures – Comparison of different regions
  • Cost of running prisons – How to considerably reduce costs
  • The “three strikes” laws – To be or not to be
  • The impact of the three strikes laws on crime rate
  • Should death penalty be abolished?

  • Education

  • Distribution of financial aid towards education – Doing it right
  • Access to education – The golden rule of equal rights
  • Educational reform programs – Analyzing the impact
  • Analysis of gender-based education programs
  • What educational benefits should the veterans have access to?

  • Security

  • Gun control – Doing what needs to be done
  • Government security departments – Analyzing their purposes and achievements
  • Affordable security systems – Putting the citizens’ safety first

Now that you have gotten to this point, you should be significantly relieved since you are bound to find one of these topics interesting and good enough for your research paper on good government.

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