Choosing Good Research Paper Topics In Medicine: 20 Great Prompts

Are you working on your upcoming research paper? Haven’t you picked up a topic for your article on medicine yet? In this post, we recommend 20 outstanding headings for you to start the creation process.

  1. The latest developments in AIDS testing. Describe what has been achieved in these tests during the past few years.
  2. Asperger’s Syndrome: a not very well-known issue. This is a very interesting syndrome to research. Describe the symptoms and possible treatment.
  3. How treatments were improved after the avian flu. Describe what medics learnt from this pandemic crisis some years ago.
  4. The effects of caffeine on health in long-term intakes. Having too much caffeine in a daily basis is not a healthy habit. Recommend how to regulate this consume.
  5. The importance of exercise in our every day’s routine. Recommend how to profit from an exercising routine.
  6. Have you ever heard of the Gulf War illness?
  7. Does acupuncture have any proved effectiveness? Gather recent studies which support and oppose this Oriental practice.
  8. The Native Americans herbal medicine knowledge.
  9. The current scope of Alzheimer’s disease and its treatment. Describe what has been achieved in the treatment of this disease in the last decade.
  10. The effects of Anorexia Nervosa in teen girls worldwide.
  11. The latest developments in asthma treatment for children and teenagers. Asthma is worldwide issue for youngsters, what is the current scope of the treatment for this illness?
  12. Symptoms of celiac disease and the current situation in its treatment.
  13. How has quality of life improved for diabetics in the past few years? Research and describe how people who suffer from diabetes have improved their independence.
  14. What happened in the flue pandemic back in 1918?
  15. The current cultural opinions regarding tissue and organ donation throughout the world. Research and describe what cultures around the world think about tissue and organ donation.
  16. The right to die: the status of euthanasia in the First World countries.
  17. Why shouldn’t people try to clone human beings? What are the possible consequences of cloning people?
  18. The most fascinating ethnic differences in health issues.
  19. Dealing with the upcoming obesity crisis in Occident. It is well-known that there are too many obese people in some countries. How are medics dealing with this situation?
  20. Risk factors and determinants of health: adopt better habits.

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