A List Of Top-Quality High School Level Research Paper Writing Ideas

When you set out to write a high school level research paper, it can be challenging to start. This is especially true if you are given the freedom to select a topic of your choosing. Picking the idea for the content about which you will write is challenging for any student, especially a high school student who has enjoyed little or no exposure to this type of assignment in the past.

When picking an idea, you want to reflect upon things you have already read about in the course of your lectures, or in your free time. You want to review the notes you have from classes, take time to look over documentaries or news articles, and search for topics or ideas that are interesting to you. If you took a nutritional course once and the content was interesting, you might be able to glean from your texts or notes something that is perfect for your research paper.

It is important that you select something you are passionate about. If you are passionate about the content, it will show through in your writing and this will earn you higher grades in the long run. Remember too that you want to double check the potential research idea you have with your teacher before you start writing just to make sure it meets with the parameters of your assignment and that you have refined the thesis enough that you can adequately cover it in the pages you have allotted to you in the research writing assignment. Consider the list below:

  • Consider writing about the impact that sugar has on childhood obesity
  • Review the negative side effects that dairy products and animal based proteins have on humans when their consumption constitutes more than 5% of the daily intake
  • Examine different parenting styles within your city and which are the most helpful
  • Review contributions made in terms of money and volunteer efforts in private schools versus public schools
  • Research patient satisfaction with nursing in an area of your choosing
  • Examine different workplace leadership styles and their effectiveness
  • Review the different ways to assess learning and achievement and which are the most stressful or effective for children
  • Examine the importance of physical education courses administered in school
  • Review the importance of the arts within your school or another, and whether more importance should be paid to them

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