How To Come Up With Catchy 8th Grade Research Paper Titles In History

Research paper is a lengthy scholarly writings prepared by students on their academic period and it is based on the subjects or topics enlisted in their curriculum. It is the final product of the analysis conducted by the students and it deals with documentation of the output obtained from the analysis.

It is generally a report which indicates the various stages of the analysis conducted and it includes explanations, experimentations, case studies, results and the conclusions. As far as history is concerned, it deals with case studies and analysis of various historic events happened on earlier periods.

The general format of a history term paper must contain the following sections:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Article body
  • Conclusion
  • Reference/bibliography

The title page gives the information regarding the main topic you are reporting to the readers. It should be precise and comprehensive and should create maximum clarity. The title of the term paper provides the information regarding which historic event you are studying or analyzing. It should be catchy and should carry a hook in order to attract the readers.

The title for the report must be typed as per the guidelines mentioned by the staff in charge and it should be aligned properly to get the maximum attention. Over decorations must not be given to the title page since it would create a negative impact to both the readers and your academic staffs.

How to find an attractive title for your 8th grade research paper on history?

Here are some important points to be considered while creating an effective title for your history term paper.

  • Crafting an effective hook. It should a creative element which should attract the readers it should never deviate from your main topic. It can be a word, a collection of words or a phrase or an idiom. Adding popular quotation as a hook is also recommended.
  • Selecting one or two key terminologies: Considering the keywords from your conclusion or the introductory paragraph will be a good choice.
  • Citing the location or the source.
  • Adding a strange or unique image for the article title: this will generate curiosity among the readers and will make them read your content interestingly.
  • Inserting a popular phrase or quotation will attract the readers.
  • Adding clever words or double entendre will generate a creative title for your term paper.

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