Instructions For Writing An APA Research Paper Literature Review

If you are a student perusing his or her college studies, then by now you must be very familiar with what literature review means and how it is supposed to be done. In academic writing such as research writing, students are advised to check with their institutions or tutors which writing style they will be required to use during their four or so years in college. This is important especially if you want to always score highly in your studies. Also, students who are pursuing their undergraduate ought to take note of the fact that literary review is arguably the most comprehensive part of a research paper and to a greater extent; it gives credibility to what has been put down on paper as well as to the statistics which have been gathered in the field.

Well, with regard to the writing style, what usually makes the difference is academic writing style and so, suppose you are using APA, your literature review will altogether be different from that of another student perhaps in another institution using MLA writing style. Many things come to play in writing the review section using APA and this is what this post seeks to shed some insights into. It seeks to answer questions like, how are you supposed to do in text citation and attribution to credible sources? How are you supposed to introduce evidence supporting what you have written or researched on? These and many questions are answered hereafter, so read on for more insights.

Chronological order

When doing a literature review in APA style, it is always important that you do so in the order of alphabets. This means, in as much as you will be doing so in prose form of writing and reviewing a number of books, the name of the authors you will be citing in the text should follow in the order of alphabets. This brings some order and it is also a rule which every student must follow.

Current and relevant materials

Also, it is important that whenever you are writing your literature review in the APA style, the research paper should take into account latest books, magazines and journals. This however depends on what your lecturer instructs.

Citing name of the author and year

The name of the author (sur name) and the year of publication of the material you are giving reference to should always be separated by a comma and all enclosed in brackets.

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