Basic Requirements For Writing A Good Research Paper

Both graduate and undergraduate students have to write research papers. The difference between such assignments is usually the size of the document. Additionally, graduate students are supposed to obtain original findings and cite a greater amount of sources. To write a good work, students have to follow the basic requirements provided below:

  • Choose what problem to investigate in the research.
  • Most students agree that it takes a lot of effort to come up with an interesting research idea. However, it’s impossible to prepare a high-quality assignment without having an issue that you will be interested in. Your project should be focused and based on reliable sources. It’s advisable to get your topic idea approved before you start to write the paper. You should present your topic and formulate a thesis statement in an introductory section.

  • Create an outline after completion of a literature review.
  • Although you should have a general idea what you will write about when you’re doing a literature review, most students add new ideas and significantly change the structure of their documents while they’re studying the literature. So, it makes sense to create a detailed outline after you collect all the sources and develop the key points. Then, you will be able to write a table of content to ensure that you won’t miss anything.

  • Consider how to do the research.
  • To obtain original results, you should understand what should be done, what methods will help you, where you can find the necessary data, and how much time you need to complete an experimental stage of your work. Remember that it might take a while to interpret and analyze the obtained data. Provide the description of the research methods and approaches in a methodology section. The results’ section should contain all your findings.

  • Analyze the major findings and write a conclusion.
  • A conclusion should summarize the most interesting results that you got. There, you should also restate your thesis and make sure that you’ve provided enough details to support it. Some supervisors ask their students to provide points for further discussion at the conclusion. It’s a good idea to consult your instructor and find out what you should write in that section.

After your rough draft is ready, you should prepare a list of sources used and format it properly. Don’t forget to insert all the necessary in-text citations. Then, you should revise the research paper, add the material where needed, and check grammar and spelling.

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