Coming Up With Strong Early US History Research Paper Topics

The history of United States of America is very eventful. The history derives its richness from multiple momentous events that antedate the establishment of present conglomerate of states.

Early US history research paper topics

There is no scarcity of such topics. Umpteen numbers of highly engaging topics offering ample scope for investigating the pattern of human interactions that dictated the evolution of early US societies and paving way for successive events to unfold are present.

  1. Events and objectives leading to the formation of the League of the Iroquois
  2. Socio-economic impact of the advent of Europeans in the lives of Native Americans
  3. Issue of religious tolerance in the history of early America
  4. How was African slave trade promoted by indiscriminate exploitation of American resources by colonial Europeans?
  5. Role of Native Americans in establishing Great Britain as dominant North American power by substituting France.
  6. Prime catalysts that fuelled rebellion of Native Americans against colonial expansion
  7. Response of African Americans to the American Revolution and reason for supporting the side they preferred
  8. Contribution of John Marshall and Alexander Hamilton in reinforcing the strength of the federal government of early USA
  9. Alteration in people’s attitude to slavery in colonial era induced by the ideals of freedom and independence of thought
  10. How did Abraham Lincoln’s agenda at the commencement of US Civil war accounted for embracing of the policy of leniency towards South after war end
  11. How did the terms of Jay Treaty signed in 1795 caused dejection among the Americans
  12. Role played by slavery in the commencement of American Civil War
  13. Analysis of the conflict between the practices of revivalism and enslavement in the early America
  14. The importance of the early 1800s events in encouraging Americans to be driven by the urge of forming a nation
  15. Lives of native women and enslaved African American in the early American history

Appeal of the topics

The research topics mentioned above are highly relevant to the syllabus academically pursued by students. Apart from being interesting, they offer ample food for thought and strengthen the fundamentals to facilitate a bright future. An abundance of support material is available in all prominent libraries and across the internet. These can be utilized to gain more insights into the chosen topic.


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