Selecting Winning Research Paper Topics About Serial Killers: Helpful Hints

If you want to know some helpful hints for selecting winning research paper topics about serial killers consider the following suggestions:

  1. The first helpful hint for selecting a winning research paper topic is to make sure you understand your requirements. You need to know exactly how many pages you have at your disposal including the minimum and the maximum number of pages allowed. You need to know exactly how many quotes you can have. Some teachers require students to include no more than 10% of their total text to be quotations. And other teachers provide no limitation in this regard. You want to make sure that you know exactly what requirements you have to meet before you select your topic.

  2. The second helpful hint to selecting winning research paper topics about serial killers is to consider different ideas that you like related to the subject. Look over the concept of serial killers and see what references or resources pop up. If you conduct an Internet search for the topic you might find that there are many subtopics or subcategories related to it. Review them and see which ones are most interesting to you. Consider documentaries that you have recently watched. Think back on any articles you read and see if they contained subtopics that you might be able to relate to this assignment.

  3. Finally, the third tip to selecting winning research paper topics about serial killers you want to make sure that you refine your subjects into something manageable for the number of pages you have at your disposal. Remember that you need to pick something that is not too broad but also not too narrow. It should comply with all of your page requirements. If you only have 10 pages at your disposal you will not be able to adequately cover an article on all female serial killers. But you can choose a specific female serial killer and from their review one aspect of one murder, one aspect of the method of operation, one aspect of the trials which convicted that person. These are all ways to refine your topic better. Make sure that you consider alternative interest as well. If you love the legal system and all law related topics then reviewing the legality of a serial killer prosecution might be a better interest to you than anything else. Alternatively if you prefer forensics and reviewing what forensic analyses took place in order to convict a criminal might be suited for you. Find what it is you love and right about that.

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