General Advice On How To Write A 3-5 Page Research Paper

What is a research paper? It’s a project that shows how you have explored a certain subject, how it has already been explored by other researchers before, and what you have achieved. That is, you need to do a lot of work and then to put it all down in words. Below, you will find several pieces of advice on how to handle your 3-5 page research paper without much trouble.

  • Choose a topic that you like. It should be something you like, something you are interested in. If you feel interest towards the subject, you will be much more inspired while searching for reference information, choosing the most relevant sources, the most catchy facts and arguments, etc. All this will result in a deep, profound project that will attract the attention of readers.
  • Collect the necessary materials. Before you start doing your own research, you need to make sure that you have enough reference materials. Collect the most relevant information, organize it properly and keep in good order. It will help you manage the data properly in the process of writing.
  • Choose relevant research methods. The available methods are numerous, and you need to make a correct choice. It’s very important because the choice of methods is one of the evaluation criteria.
  • Start with the reference part. Provide a point of view and support is with the help of facts that you have taken from the reference literature. Remember that you will need to describe the practical part, your own research, and fit all this into the 3-5 page format. You should remember that in case you told to write three pages, you don’t need to write more. Your inability to meet this demand is a sign of your non-professionalism.
  • Observe all the demands that exist for this type of academic papers. In case you have no idea of how this paper should be formatted and organized, try searching for available samples of similar projects. They can be found on the Internet, in offline libraries, or even if you ask your teacher, you can have such a sample.
  • Make sure that you have mentioned all the important facts that you wanted to mention in your work. However, check all the information that you have taken from reference sources. That is, make certain that the only pieces of text that are taken without alternations are quotes. Everything else, unless it’s marked as quotations, should be paraphrased to avoid plagiarism charges.

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