What Every Student Ought To Know About Writing A University Research Paper

Writing a university-level research paper involves many steps and takes quite a bit of time. You must identify a topic of interest to you, one that is measurable and one that can be studied extensively. There may be previous studies and findings on that subject, or it may be something totally new. Either way, it’s important to narrow down your search into a ‘researchable’ topic.

  • You must read adequate journal articles on the topic you would like to research so that you have a solid understanding of where other researchers stand on the topic, thesis or dissertation.

  • Document your findings in an organized folder so that you can have it ready to reference later on.

  • Create an outline for yourself, one that has a methodology, review of literature and methods of measurement. This way you will have guidelines to go by.

  • You will need to determine who your stimulus is and who it is you’re going to be doing research on. If it is not a person, then you need to figure what or where you are going to be conducting the research.

  • Writing an introduction will introduce the topic of discussion to the fellow reader. Here, you will state who, what, where, when as well as the purpose of the study. Be sure to include why you decided to study the topic you did and the rationale behind it. You will need this because doing your homework, dissertations and theses take time and effort. You have to stay focused.

  • Writing the body of your university research paper will be the ‘guts’ of your assignment or dissertation if you will. Here you will have all the facts that back up your thesis or hypothesis. Usually, it’s generic and mandatory to have at least three main points that you’re going to be discussing.

  • Writing a conclusion will give closure to final thoughts of the study you have conducted. At a university level, it is important to introduce one new idea in your conclusion, to show that you are genuinely interested in the topic and wish to study further it.

Writing a university research paper can be fun and can introduce you to some very interesting findings that you may not have known of otherwise. It is a time-consuming process and can take months to complete. Following these steps will ensure an academic university research paper and is one that every university student ought to know.

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