A List Of Little-Known Research Paper Topics On Serial Killers

For people who study criminology it’s essential to write research papers related to crime and murder. If your project is connected with this field, the information given below might be helpful for finding an appropriate topic for your paper.

Why Should Students Write Research Papers on Serial Killers?

Serial killers are special and extremely dangerous murderers. In most cases they have no certain motive for committing the crime because they don’t know their victim personally. However, their decisions on who to kill is not completely haphazard.

Such inhumane behavior frequently results from a negative psychological background, which is sometimes quite hard to reveal. To get a better understanding of the nature of this phenomena, young criminologists may be asked to write an academic paper.

12 Topic Ideas Most Students Wouldn’t Think Of

  1. What kinds of people mostly tend to become serial killers?

  2. Serial killers among juvenile delinquents.

  3. The difference between a serial killer and a maniac.

  4. A comparison of male and female approaches to the systematical murder of people.

  5. Can serial killers be integrated back into society after the punishment for their actions?

  6. Countries with the highest rate of serial killings and their actions towards eradicating criminality.

  7. The influence of scenes of violence in pop culture on the number of serial murders.

  8. The most scandalous cases ever investigated about serial killers.

  9. Compare the cases of repeated homicide in XX and XXI centuries.

  10. How does social status affect the chances of turning a person into a serial killer?

  11. Can contract killers also be classified as serial killers?

  12. The most sophisticated ways serial killers use to murder their victims.

Conducting research about serial killers requires a knowledge of not only criminal law and justice, but also a good awareness of psychology and sociology. Getting deeper into learning how the killer’s brain works is a long and tense process which can bring the most unexpected results.

Final Recommendations on Your Work

When you select a topic for your paper, make sure it is interesting and close to you. If you don’t like the subject of your investigation, you won’t be completely involved into it and may miss some important details. Remember that if you’re feeling a lack of ideas, you can freely use this list as a source of fresh inspiration.

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