6 Ideas For Writing A Research Paper About Juveniles Being Tried As Adults

Law can be complicated and sometimes unfair, however, despite our shortcomings as human beings, we must still try our best at administering law enforcement within our society, because without that, we would live in a world of chaos and anarchy. In most societies, the justice system treats perpetrators below the legal adult age more leniently than it does with adults and this make some measure of sense in most cases since a young person can easily be misled due to their lack of experience. There have been extreme cases where young suspect have been tried as adults because of the nature of the crimes but this is rare. Here are 6 ideas for writing a research paper about juveniles being tried as adults:

  1. A young person cannot be held accountable for their actions.
  2. Juveniles are not aware of the consequence of their actions and it is only afterwards they get to understand what they really did. This study will show how, with the proper education, a young person might have chosen a different path had they been properly instructed.

  3. Our society is designed to lure people into bad decisions leaving innocent youths vulnerable to a life of crime.
  4. This angle with explore the ease and seductive nature in which a life of crime can seem attractive to an inexperienced individual.

  5. Many criminals would change if they had the chance.
  6. Once a person has been convicted of a crime, it becomes very hard, or almost impossible for them to go back to being a productive, responsible member of society.

  7. Most criminals believe they are justified in their actions.
  8. At a young age, it is difficult to see the destination your path in life is leading to, all you know is you have your reasons. With proper interpersonal training, most people would act differently and treat others with more respect.

  9. Juveniles are not always aware of their options.
  10. Most young people are constantly battered by advice from adults and never fully understand what is being said to them. Later in life is when one often realizes and by then its too late. If the options one has is made more obvious at a younger age, they may not be so eager to go into crime.

  11. Society glorifies crime.
  12. Most forms of entertainment popular with kids depicts crime and violence in a positive or attractive light and so many juveniles are misleading into thinking a life of crime is rife with glamour.

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