Basic Components Of A Great Research Paper On Molecular Biology

Composing a good essay on molecular biology does not mean including all that you know but finding connected facts to prove your point. A scientific paper needs to be based on facts and examples, above everything else. Though there need not be an ideal format or structure, the following discussion might be of help when you start preparing your paper in the subject.

Good Planning is the Core of it

Unless you plan well, you will never be able to bring a scientific paper together. If you are confused about the points you wish to put forward, in the order you think would be best, you can jot them down somewhere before you begin to write the actual essay. Make subheading in your essay – each subheading should be a point that you are attempting to make. Thus, the paragraph beneath the sub head will be an extension. Below each sub head and before the write up, try to use images or diagrams for supporting your argument. This is where a subject like Biology stands out.

Follow the Proper Format to Bring out the Best

Here are the points which you need to include in your research paper and the way in which you should arrange it for best effects:

  • Title – The first page should have the title which should not be generic but one which speaks specifically about the object of your study and the inference you are trying to draw.
  • Abstract – This will be a short summary of the research paper. Limit it to 250 words. Try to end it with the bigger picture your research paper is trying to portray.
  • Introduction – The introduction is meant to explain why you have taken up this topic, provide background information on the subject and the issue. Start with a broad area and then narrow it down to a pin point which is your research paper topic.
  • Methods – The main section of your work where you will outline how you conducted the study, the methods used, the details necessary to prove your argument, etc.
  • Results – This portion will precisely include all that you have derived from your study – the core outcome.
  • Discussion – Discuss your results along with references from other researchers and experts, your experience during the study and such other aspects. This is the concluding part of the paper so it can include other closing statements too.
  • Literature Cited/References – A list of books, journals, research papers, e-books, and other online or offline references which you have taken help from must be mentioned at the end of the paper.

A note of acknowledgement for your teachers, family and friends can be added as a separate page or along with the title.

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