What are the main components of a good research paper on intellectual property?

It is not at all an easy task to write a successful research paper on intellectual property as there are no shortcuts in choosing a topic, determining the methodology, analyze data and organize one’s thoughts. There is no need to be anxious with a research paper assignment as with proper understanding of the elements of the intellectual property research paper, the entire process gets easier and simpler.

Essential components of an intellectual property research paper:

It is important for a researcher to pay close attention to all essential components of a research paper as there exists no templates for writing it. Also, intellectual property research papers are considered to be factual and thus are to be based on pure facts and evidences wherever applicable.

Title: the title page of the research paper refers to the actual title of the paper crafted in not less than ten words

Table of content: The next component is the table of contents with page numbers allotted for definitive sections.

Introduction part: Next comes the introduction part which offers the context and the situational analysis of the research topic on intellectual property framed. Research question and hypothesis also gets stated here. Introduction paragraph also has to explain why that particular topic what chose and the relevance of the topic in undertaking it for research.

Research methodology: any research paper on intellectual property is based on data, results and evidences that are organized, collected and analyzed. If the methodology for the research is based on past literature, it has to be ensured that the literature is up to date and valid. Research that has been conducted on outdated data and material weakens credibility.

Results and discussion: this section follows a smooth transition from research methodology and findings to data reporting, analyzing, discussing and substantiating results. Though research papers are academic tools, it is important to write them in an attractive way so that they capture the attention of the reader, this could be accomplished by graphs, tables, illustrations, quotations, examples etc.

Conclusion: summarizes important findings and results in the study, but anything that has not been discussed in the study should not be brought up with the conclusion.

References: this part of the paper, cites all the references that are already been made in the paper may be in the way of direct quotes, testimony, statistics etc. it is important while writing a research paper on intellectual property that all references gets recorded so as to add discipline and credibility to the paper.

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