How To Choose A Good Nursing Topic For A Research Paper

Nursing is quite interesting field for a research paper. If you study nursing, and you are in a dilemma of choosing a good nursing topic for a research paper, here are some tips to help you choose the most suitable topic for a nursing paper. You should follow these simple steps and you will have a good nursing term paper topic.


Do a brainstorming and write down all ideas that come to your mind. What’s going on recently in the nursing profession, controversial issues, important issues in healthcare, try to be as creative as you can. Think in what areas nursing needs improvement and write down your ideas. You can even talk with a nurse while doing the brainstorming, that way you will have the real issues and problems a nurse might face.

As was mentioned, you can write down all the recent changes and developments in nursing, so that you might decide to dig into the connection between technology and nursing.

Think why you decided to study nursing

Probably thinking about the primary idea of nursing might evolve into a good topic. List all the reasons why you like nursing, or general reasons why people like nursing. Think why it is interesting to you. By doing that you might come to an interesting topic and get the idea what to write about.

Challenges and concerns

Every job has challenges that attract people in that field to improve in their profession and get better every time. On the other hand, there are always concerns that make them feel uncertain about actions they take, but sill challenged. In order to find out the real challenges and concerns, you have to talk to an experienced nurse. Maybe solution to the concerns and digging deep into a concern might bring a good nursing research paper topic.

Samples of research papers

Maybe reading some previously completed papers might help and you might get inspiration for doing a research on a topic that you consider it incomplete, or you think that it needs more information to make a conclusion on that topic.

However, a good nursing topic for a research can be found everywhere around you. Home, community centers, schools, methods in a nursing schools, there are so many topics. You can find problematic areas that require deep digging and take it as a topic for your paper. Good luck!

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